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  • Define your tone of voice and kick-start your content strategy.
  • Build cornerstone content to stay top-of-mind.
  • Drive success with unlimited copy or editing services monthly.

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Before you automate, before you hire, before you write, apply our "HeadStart" method to ensure your content marketing has a fighting chance.

HeadStart Copywriting knows the barriers to producing great content. We have seen the wasted effort, time, dead-locked decisions, blank pages and painful trial and error.


Our clients come to us because we know how to keep the momentum and consistency for the long-term. They come to us because we are outsiders, business owners and professional writers who have seen how companies use content to build their audiences.


Our “HeadStart” method is designed to establish your tone of voice and content strategy before you start writing. Whether you are planning your strategy as a company or as an individual thought-leader, we are passionate about guiding you through the process.


Then you can keep momentum and implement your plan with unlimited copywriting or editing for your team. Sign up for our “Copy-as-a-Service” (CaaS) subscription model to help ensure you reach your long-term goals.


Based in Canada, our team of partners and writers can give you a “HeadStart” with your content.



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HeadStart is an extension of your team to help you finish your content projects. Read about our approach and let's get started. Call 1.647.479.9783 or contact us.