What is Good Writing?

By Susan Varty, Managing Partner

“Good writing” has been top-of-mind this year and has emerged as a theme in our team and client conversations. There’s so much writing being done all the time. How important is it? How good is it? How much does it matter?

How do you define good writing? How does your corporate culture, life experience and the demands of your clients and customers affect what others consider to be good writing?

Of course, good writing should be error-free, but is it necessarily devoid of jargon? Are there really words we should be avoiding? Has “good” grammar been de-throned? Is there even a “proper” style anymore or, in this text-disposable, digital age, is “good writing” writing that just gets the job done?

Some of these are rhetorical questions. We have our own opinions here at HeadStart, but what we’re really interested in is your opinion, because we know that practical experience matters more than anything else. So join us on October 20 and 21st at Write Up North. Escape to a natural setting and talk with us about “good writing.” Share your experience, and learn something new about effective language use. And enjoy being with like-minded writers and communicators.

Take a step forward to refine your communications and marketing messages; learn tips and gather takeaways; and network with leaders from different industries at www.writeupnorth.com.

Looking forward to seeing you there! ~Susan Varty and Patrick McBrine, Partners at HeadStart Copywriting.

P.S. Interested in sponsorship? Please email Patrick at info@writeupnorth.com

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