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When the timing is right for you, HeadStart follows a three step approach so you know what to expect when you reach out to us:

Step 1 – Initial Call [free]
An initial call or meeting with us to discuss your priorities. What is top-of-mind for you?

Step 2 – Collaboration [optional, ongoing, free]
Collaborate with us to finalize your priorities and share ideas – at the beginning, or at any stage of your project with us. We do not charge for this because we feel it is a critical part of content development and planning. Need to use our conference line? Just let us know!

Step 3 – Options [payment requested]
Choose from the following options:

A) a trial: a one-time, flat-fee copy assignment (under 800 words) paid in advance, such as a blog post

B) a custom content project with deposit, such as proposal editing, videos and research

C) or HeadStart’s Copy-as-a-Service plan with a dedicated writer on a monthly basis

Contact us to speak with a HeadStart Partner to get started.

On behalf of my team, we look forward to working with you!

Susan Varty

Managing Partner
HeadStart Copywriting


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