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by Susan Varty, Managing Partner


Need samples? We have compiled some client information and links for your review.  If something is not related to your industry or style of writing, we would be pleased to write a few paragraphs on a topic of your choice as a sample.

Also, we have a PDF newsletter About HeadStart Copywriting called the “HeadStart Confidential” and a mailing list you may be interested in joining to get to know us better.

Typically, we prefer to write fresh, new samples upon request. What may be your preferred tone of voice is usually different from our existing clients. We also have a lot of material that is ghostwritten under non-disclosure agreements and not available to share.

Here are our some of our clients, guest blogs, and selected samples of our work available online for your review:

Financial Services

  • Global Payments: newsletters, videos, articles, research, whitepapers, landing pages, website projects and product marketing, and sales copy.Here are some animated videos we have completed for Global Payments in English and French: About Global Payments, Gift & Rewards, Analytics (coming online soon). We have also completed videos for Global Payments’ internal events featuring interviews with their executive team.
  • Paysafe: whitepapers, copy editing, landing pages, product marketing, sales copy. Read the Paysafe whitepaper online and the blog post that was published to help drive interest.
  • BMO: website copy

Other Articles in Financial Services:


We are currently working for a global cybersecurity corporation and various start-up companies. Please contact us for details.

Professional Services
(LinkedIn Profile Optimization and LinkedIn Webinars)

  • Deloitte: 500+ individual executive and team roll-outs of one-to-one phone consults, written recommendations and profile uploads
  • KPMG: individual executive and team roll-outs of one-to-one phone consults, written recommendations and profile uploads
  • Individual executives from all industries in professional services or sales, including law firm roll-outs.
  • LinkedIn for Boards
  • Personal Branding with LinkedIn
  • Personal Branding


Don’t see something that clicks with you? Request a sample or learn how it works so you can get started on your own project.

photo credit: olivianotter Ladurée via photopin (license)

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