LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Make a Great Impression with LinkedIn

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner


You want to look and feel good. You invest in stylish clothes, accessories, and luxury products because these items can impact how you are perceived in the real world. Generally, you want to make a great first impression everywhere life takes you.

So what about your LinkedIn profile? Does your real-world self match your online presence? Does it tell others what it’s like to work with you and how you can help them?

There are specific sections that can build trust with your audience – just like having a tailored, crisp new suit can make a great first impression for a business meeting.

So what have you done lately to showcase your expertise online?

Does your LinkedIn profile tell others what you bring to the table?

Are you sure people are seeing what you want them to see?

Long gone are the days that LinkedIn is only for recruiters. Now, it is a prominent business social network that allows you to build trust – trust that is essential for every business relationship.

What is LinkedIn Profile Optimization?

HeadStart Copywriting has been coaching executives on LinkedIn best practices and rewriting their LinkedIn profiles since 2012.

We turned it into a refined process called LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

What do you get?

  1. A phone interview consult where we learn about you – what it’s like to work with you, why you get referred, etc. We go beyond a rewritten bio with our interview approach. You also get feedback about your LinkedIn profile right away plus – you can ask us anything about the platform.
  2. A fully re-written profile with a summary/bio and samples of sections you can leverage now or in the future. We document everything we mention on the call so you can always refer to it later on and make changes. There are unlimited revisions too – because we don’t want you to post something online you are not 100% confident about.
  3. We then upload your profile. This helps you enjoy your new profile soon after the review process.

For team roll-outs, we also manage the process and use our conference line as well, so there is no need to assign a project manager or co-ordinator. We have all of the components required and people to manage the process.


HeadStart has worked with more than 500+ executives from all industries over the years and completed multiple team roll-outs at Deloitte and KPMG.

Our examples and testimonials are from real people with different situations, so we share them on a inquiry basis only. Please contact us for examples of our work.


  • $1,000 CAD per profile, including the phone consult, a complete rewrite and profile upload, if desired.

Great Profiles for Referrals, Proposals, etc.

We look forward to working with you on your new profile – so you can make a great impression for proposals, meetings, referrals, sales, and business conversations. Contact us to get started!

P.S. We also provide LinkedIn outbound sales training and coaching. Need a presentation beyond the usual social network fluff? We are in the sales trenches in professional services and can customize a training program for you.

photo credit: Visual Content Engaging LinkedIn Profile via photopin (license)

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