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Unlimited writing and editing by HeadStart Copywriting.
Yes, for written pieces in English, each under 800 words. If you order more than one piece per day, we will call you to arrange a delivery date.
Yes, we can provide a quote for whitepapers, competitive and market research, ebooks, etc. We can also create a custom package for you.
Three business days after the date assigned. We often deliver drafts sooner, depending on the type of content required.
Yes, it is an unlimited plan so revisions are included. Editing is also included.
Our clients want to reduce the tasks associated with hiring freelancers and completing project-based work. They want us available to them on an ongoing basis.
We recommend you sign on for six months so we can improve the quality, speed and build consistency over time as we work with you, but a month-to-month contract is available.
You know your industry and audience best. Our writers work in many different industries and are top-notch researchers and subject-matter experts themselves because they work side by side with our clients.
In our experience, "tone of voice", style, and consistency for your audience becomes the priority when you hire a writing service. This is why we work with clients on an ongoing basis - monthly or yearly - to deliver the right tone, quality and consistency for your audience.


Our core team members are located in Ontario and Quebec and we have an extended network of writers in Canada that work with us on a regular basis.

Yes, please review our client list and public samples here.

Sometimes clients will send us full creative briefs or nothing at all - and everything in between. Sometimes we are asked to create a list of titles or content such as social media text snippets for monthly calendars.
Yes, we include phone consultations and virtual meeting attendance in the package.
No, but if you send us the transcripts, we can help create a written piece for you.
We use email, phone and Microsoft Word. We like to keep it as simple as possible.

Two "users" are assigned per account. For example, a Marketing Manager and Marketing Specialist who work on the same team with the same audience can send us requests. More "users" and/or audiences can be added for an additional fee.

Yes, we have been through the procurement process with many of our current clients. HeadStart Copywriting also holds certification as a diverse supplier (WBE Canada Certified) and comprehensive business insurance.

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