Content Planning Tips for the New Year

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner


2018 has finally torn us away from our holiday chocolates and movies to start thinking about our content marketing goals – especially since work schedules are starting to kick in!

So what kind of content are you planning this year?

With so many choices and creative options out there – here are some tips to help you plan your “New Year” of content:

  1. Invest in a full-size desktop calendar or use an online calendar that will be dedicated to content production.
  2. Decide on how much content for the year you will produce. Will it be weekly, monthly, quarterly?
  3. Come up with titles or code names for each article, blog, infographic, video, or whitepaper, etc.
  4. Use a dedicated colour for planning each piece of content and for any related tasks or due dates. Use markers if on paper or, if you are using an online calendar, a dedicated font colour or shade.
  5. Ask people to help with each content piece, if needed, and assign them a start date and an internal due date using the colour selected. Build in time for content “companion” items needed for lead generation, such as a landing page.
  6. Assign a publishing due date and also a sharing due date. This will get your team in the mindset of sharing the content you produce. What process can you put into place to ensure sharing takes place?
  7. Create a status board. Use a white board or poster to list all the titles or content code names and put a percentage “complete” beside it. Update the percentage weekly so your colleagues walking by can see the status of all of your content. For example: New Year’s Blog Post 75%. This will keep your team informed and ready to share – plus they will be curious and may want to help on a future piece of content!

P.S. If you can, plan on doing one video per month – people share more videos than articles generally and it can give you an advantage over all of the other content out there! Tip credit to @bsarich.

All the best for a wonderful 2018 everyone! Happy New Year!

photo credit: Astronomical clock via photopin (license)

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