Where There is No Writer

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner

Some companies don’t have a dedicated writer. They are starting out, growing, being scrappy and asking their founding team to “wear multiple hats”.

They may have a product designer, developer and a couple of founders. That’s it. And they are growing.

This fragile business ecosystem could use a little help.

Fortunately, there are lenders, incubators, investors, accelerators, funders, grants, boards of trade, networking groups and business communities, you name it!

But no writers.

And yes, you may be asking, can’t the team do the writing themselves?

Of course.

But for companies to grow faster, it’s important to invest in a writing team that can help expand and multiply their marketing efforts.

So, consider providing a white label solution from HeadStart Copywriting to help your founding (or growing) teams focus on their business. Give them the gift of writing.

Some benefits include:

  • Helping the companies you support hone in on their message and take advantage of all the marketing channels available to them (when they need traction now!)
  • Creating loyalty along with business impact for the companies you support
  • Faster potential returns or loan payments
  • Unparalleled appreciation for providing such a value-added service

It’s a win-win.

Please contact me to invest in our white label writing services. Writers can make all the difference.

photo credit: mdmove1962 Up to the sky – just stairs via photopin (license)

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