Interview with BMO: A HeadStart Case Study

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner


Marsha Toomey is a content marketer in the financial services industry at BMO. We asked her about her experience working with us.

Why did you decide to sign on with HeadStart?

Our team was looking for new voices. We wanted a new eye on content that could be written for wealth, more specifically for financial investments. We decided to go through HeadStart because the business model really suited what we were looking for at that point.

We had a lot of topics that we wanted to cover, and after meeting the team and knowing what our agenda was for this initiative, we thought it was a really good fit. We also felt that the writer assigned to our account had the lens for financial services that could capture the kind of content that we were looking for.

How has HeadStart’s subscription model changed the way you work?

Before experiencing the subscription model, our articles were being written on an ad hoc basis. We would do a brief and get billed for every article individually. So I really liked the HeadStart subscription model because it allowed me to be less restrictive.

It was more flexible in the sense that I had multiple articles that I needed written, and I was confident that I could get all of them done without having to be selective.

What do you consider the top benefit of working with HeadStart and why?

It’s very timely. Having that three-day turnaround and being able to have the content quickly really benefited us in terms of the timelines for my content calendar. I think it was the biggest benefit.

I was already confident in the work I was seeing from our assigned writer and the topics that were being covered, but the timely fashion really helped speed up processes on our end. Sometimes you experience internal roadblocks, so having the actual content written faster is really helpful.

What would you tell others about the client experience with HeadStart?

I’ve already been talking about you to other lines of business! I think the experience has been great and really efficient. Everyone was friendly and helpful when I had questions. The briefing process went smoothly in the sense that I didn’t really feel that I had to explain things a lot.

Once the brief was in, I knew I could expect quality articles to come back. The overall experience has been fantastic.

photo credit: (Thanks for 3Mio views) Maid of Ace via photopin (license)

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