A Free Resume Template

by Susan Varty, Founder & CEO

We’ve all had to get out there and “go fishing” for a job at one time or another! And often when it’s not our own choice.

In 2008, I helped rewrite resumes in the evenings after work. It was the only thing I could do that was practical and helped me give back to co-workers who were losing their jobs.

So fast forward to 2020, I wanted to provide a basic resume template for all of you who may need a free one. I tried to make it easy to use (in Microsoft Word) and based it on my own tips. So, here you go, a free resume template! 

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I hope this proves to be helpful whatever your situation, and take care out there.

photo credit: www.ilkkajukarainen.fi IMG_0037 via photopin (license)

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