How We Interview Subject Matter Experts

by Susan Varty, Founder and CEO

Sometimes, a big part of creating great content is interviewing someone else.

Whether it’s a formal interview for a case study, or speaking with someone to craft an in-depth blog or article, HeadStart offers three interviews per month with the people in your network. They may be a team member, someone on your leadership team, or a customer – anyone with the details so we can write what you need.

Here’s how clients can request a piece with an interview:

  1. Send your outline/interview questions by email, or through our web portal, Nectar, and let us know an interview is required.
  2. We will reach out to schedule a recorded call on our conference line or make other tech arrangements with you. Recording the call helps us capture the exact phrases to craft the content and match the brand tone and style you want to achieve.
  3. That’s it!

The official rules:

  1. Copy-as-a-Service includes a 30 minute phone interview with one (1) subject matter expert (SME) per piece up to three (3) pieces per month. Three (3) additional SME interviews are available for an additional flat fee per month.
  2. An outline/questions (a brief) is required before the interview is booked.
  3. Calls are recorded on HeadStart’s conference line to capture insights, tone and style, whenever possible.
  4. Fees apply if the call is rescheduled except for emergencies.
  5. Turnaround times start after the interview has taken place.

photo credit: LaunchVic CivVic Labs Showcase via photopin (license)

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