Incorporating Your Keywords for SEO

By Patrick McBrine, Partner

Prospective clients sometimes ask, “Do you include SEO keywords in your content?” The answer is “Yes, we do.”

First and foremost, we write for humans and not for robots, but we understand the impact of SEO on site visibility and standing, which is why we work with you to identify keywords that promote your message and can help you gain traction with search engines.

As professional writers, we recognize the words that drive particular industries, and even before we begin working with you, we’re already paying attention to the language that’s dominating the sale of products and services online, because we write in these spaces every day.

Your specific language comes out in our meetings and conversations, which we often record and playback, and through our research in your industry. When you request content through our online portal (Nectar), you also have the ability to include the specific keywords you need in our forms, to help us deliver content and titles that perform best for SEO.

Over time, thanks to our subscription model as a long-term writing partner, we will recognize more keywords you can use and help you be consistent.

So, call us or write us at HeadStart Copywriting. We’ll be happy to talk more about how we incorporate your keywords for SEO included in our main offering, Copy-as-a-Service

Photo credit: rawpixel.

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