HeadStart’s Brief by Phone Upgrade

by Susan Varty, Founder and CEO


We are pleased to offer a “brief by phone” upgrade to help clients publish even more, faster.

Ideal for subscribers:

  • who would like to stop writing briefs
  • who are not the subject matter expert
  • who prefer to communicate by phone and/or want to discuss multiple items
  • who would like a writer’s perspective and insights

How is this different from the interviews already included?
You don’t create a brief as a first step. Instead, we create the brief for you by phone.

  • Includes a maximum of 60 minutes per week, pre-scheduled, during business hours (240 minutes total per month; time expires monthly)
  • HeadStart writes and registers the brief(s) for you
  • There are NO fees for rescheduling for any reason, and you can have as many people as you want on the calls
  • You can upgrade/cancel at anytime, or go month-to-month for the same fee
  • $2,000 per user/month, added to your invoice

Conference calls will be hosted on HeadStart’s video/conference lines and will be recorded. Also, custom plans are available.

Subscribers/clients, please email Susan Varty if you would like this add-on. If you are not already a subscriber using Copy-as-a-Service, please contact us.


photo credit: lioliz B&W – Classic Telephone via photopin (license)

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