We’re Hiring a Content Strategist

at HeadStart Copywriting

Who we are:

HeadStart Copywriting is a vibrant team of writers and operations people who allow marketers to free themselves and reach more people. How? We create an environment for professional, dedicated writers to perform careful research and write quality pieces for our clients.

Our flagship service, Copy-as-a-Service, helps clients ramp up their content marketing to win more attention from their audience. Sold by user licence as an enterprise subscription service, HeadStart is looking for a Content Strategist to join its “remote-by-design” company.

Our time-crunched clients need more support. The Content Strategist supports clients to build an over-arching content strategy, a content calendar and as series of working titles that enable the client to communicate effectively with their audience.

Who you are:

In our vision, it is important that our new Content Strategist has the following background, capabilities, and attributes:

  • Has a writer’s lens/point of view.
  • Has more than four (4) years of marketing experience in a variety of industries, preferably at B2B companies or B2B industries.
  • Enjoys big-picture, creative thinking while managing time and schedules.
  • Capable of visioning and developing a strong, long-range content strategy that supports client success.
  • Capable of pulling from essential information from a time-crunched client team.
  • Is respectful of the client. This is demonstrated through thoughtful, proactive communication with the client.

We would be very appreciative if our new Content Strategist has these additional skills and experiences:

  • Past success working in a customer-facing environment.
  • In addition to English, fluency in French and/or Spanish.
  • Understands and appreciates a flexible schedule. Some weeks will require more hours, some weeks will require less. We have clients in a variety of time zones and industries.

How we fit:

Our team members stay with us.  We are looking for someone to work with us for the long-term. Please understand, if you are looking for a few months of work before seeking something new, HeadStart is not a fit for you.

Our team members join the company as part-time, contract workers. We perform careful onboarding and as we both experience success, we add clients and hours.  Should the circumstances be right for both, we hire the team member as a company employee.

Our company values providing dedicated writers and support team members who love the craft, and the opportunity to help write and produce quality pieces for our clients. Our clients value the work provided to them – and the freedom our service creates for their teams.

Check out our website www.headstartcopywriting.com – see the bios of our team members! 

If you are interested in joining this high-performing team, reach out to us at write@headstartcopywriting.com before August 31, 2021. Please provide a short introduction about yourself in the email, along with your resume and salary expectations.

We want to hear about you first, so please do not send any other attachments or samples at this stage. Also, candidates must be legally permitted to work in Canada.

At HeadStart Copywriting, we are committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Should you require accommodations for disability during any stage of the recruitment process, please contact us at write@headstartcopywriting.com.

photo credit: TJ Gehling Approaching the feeder via photopin (license)

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