An Interview Marketing Approach for B2B Content Marketers

by Sue Varty, CEO

What is an “Interview Marketing” approach to B2B Content Marketing? 

An Interview Marketing approach allows you to optimize your time and complete your content marketing tasks faster when publishing industry ideas, research, and for SEO.

To achieve quality and ongoing results, we have identified four types of calls that are included in the approach (not just interviews with subject matter experts). 

  1. Planning Call: 
    Interviews with marketers to plan titles. 
    Benefit: Streamlines content development to showcase ideas, products or services.

  2. Outlining Call: 
    Interviews with marketers to organize main points. 
    Benefit: Brings ideas and research together.

  3. Consulting Call: 
    Interviews with subject matter experts to gather ideas or answer questions 
    Benefit: Dominates SEO and generates leads from referrals.

  4. Refinement Call: 
    Interviews with marketers to get feedback 
    Benefit: Clarify and improve industry writing.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring how each of these calls can benefit you as a B2B Content Marketer and the foundation HeadStart has put into place to support this approach: the “copy-as-a-service” subscription model.


For B2B Content Marketers who need to capture constant attention, HeadStart’s “interview marketing” approach to content writing generates leads from referrals; dominates industry SEO; showcases ideas, products or services; and reduces effort in content creation. 

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Photo by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

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