Interview with Sue: AI Generated Drafts and HeadStart’s New Editing Packages

What are the implications of generative AI in content creation and copyright?

It’s a big question to ask, who owns what? Everyone has become a database, whether private or public, that is the question. I think companies will start creating gated ChatGPT apps for themselves. So, let’s say they have a lot of material, maybe it’s an old User Guide, maybe it’s a Terms and Conditions document, they’ll create their own AI apps, to put all the information about their products and services, and then perhaps generate their own copy based on that data, so that they can own the copyright outright.  

What people are really scared of right now is if they put some public information out there on the internet, it can then go into anyone’s database, and it can be searched. So, this is a risk for companies who do not want to talk about themselves publicly in that way and give them give their competitors access to information.  

So, there are all kinds of issues that no one has really thought about. I am amazed that they could produce this product by mining the internet and not encounter issues with who is the author? That is a huge question.   

We are ghostwriters and ghostwriters do not own anything, we provide them with copy, and the companies own the material. Obviously, we want to make sure like everything else it is truthful, accurate sighted, check for spelling and grammar. And we want to build trust with audiences. So, they pay for that privilege to own the content that we create.  

Why is it so important for you to provide editing as a service subscription to B2B content creators?

My original vision for the company included editing services – but I could not sell it. No one had any drafts to edit, and they needed more help writing. So, I dropped it from our product offering.   

I am bringing it back because now people are using tools like ChatGPT to outline, summarize and draft their work. They may not have time to do the fact checking they need; add subheadings and keywords; add a call to action – it can create extra work – so our editing packages help them out in this way.  

These drafts are also very neutral in tone and style so they don’t really stand out for their audience. We can help them fix that. 

Click here to learn more about our two new subscriptions now available at HeadStart: Editing and Editing Plus.

Photo credit goes to Todoran Bogdan.

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