Does it include revisions?

Yes, it is an unlimited plan, so revisions and copy editing is included. You work with your writer directly on revisions and timing may vary, depending on the revisions required.

What is your standard turnaround time?

We need three full business days to work on each piece so it is a four (4) day turnaround time. For example, if we get a request on Monday, we will schedule it for delivery on Friday (after three full business days). We often deliver pieces sooner, depending on the type of content required, and get faster over time.


We work on pieces one after another like a “to do list” to ensure consistency with a writer who is dedicated to your account. If you send us more than one request per day, we ask for your priorities and stagger the start dates by two business days. Please contact us for more information about how we schedule items.

How is a subscription different from a retainer?

A retainer means you are paying in advance for a set amount of work that is pre-defined. If additional work is needed, there are extra charges. For example, you suddenly need the help of a lawyer. The lawyer estimates 40 hours of work and asks for a retainer of 40 hours. However, if the work is more complex, it might take more than 40 hours. So, for the additional hours, the lawyer charges you more money as a result.


A subscription is not for a pre-set number of pieces or hours, it is a monthly fee that is fixed. At HeadStart, there are no additional fees if significant time is spent writing on our side or if revisions are needed. Another example of a subscription service is Netflix. They bill you monthly as a subscription, but don’t charge extra fees, no matter how many hours of Netflix you watch.

Why do you have a subscription model?

We wanted to create a seamless, time-saving process to produce high-quality, industry-focused content and reduce a marketer’s workload overall when completing written work. We also wanted to help teams plan their budgets with transparent pricing and help marketers create more written content for their audience.


Our clients succeed when they work together with us over longer periods of time. We are able to streamline processes, build consistency, and learn more about our clients’ industries and target audiences. This saves time and effort, delivering written content faster. It also improves quality because we work closely with you to provide options. Revisions are also included.


You can publish more content, focus on your own KPIs, promote consistency and avoid administrative tasks associated with hiring various external contractors. You can focus on other tasks to be more productive at work while using our streamlined process.

What do you mean by unlimited?

Unlimited means all types of pieces can be requested every month without a limit on the number of items. However, we do have rules around our approach and how we deliver items back to you (to ensure the highest quality). The number of pieces you can get per month varies by word count.


We have standard turnaround times for short form writing (fewer than 1200 words) and custom turnaround times for long form writing (more than 1200 words) – but all is included in the monthly fee.


Our packages work with you to optimize our partnership. For example, clients on the Freedom plan manage their own content calendar. On Freedom Plus, we can manage it for you and this can help speed up the planning process to deliver more writing to you. Clients on the Total Freedom package ask us to drive their entire content marketing function, from content strategy to writing all the outlines/briefs for them and coming up with ideas.


Generally, the more comprehensive and complete the outlines you send along, the more we can write for you and deliver back. We can also help you manage your content calendar and plan ahead. And with our Total Freedom package, we can also take on your content strategy and suggest items to write – driving all forward for you.