What do you mean by unlimited?

Unlimited means all types of pieces can be requested every month without a limit on the number of items. However, we do have rules around our approach and how we deliver items back to you (to ensure the highest quality). The number of pieces you can get per month varies by word count.


We have standard turnaround times for short form writing (fewer than 1200 words) and custom turnaround times for long form writing (more than 1200 words) – but all is included in the monthly fee.


Our packages work with you to optimize our partnership. For example, clients on the Freedom plan manage their own content calendar. On Freedom Plus, we can manage it for you and this can help speed up the planning process to deliver more writing to you. Clients on the Total Freedom package ask us to drive their entire content marketing function, from content strategy to writing all the outlines/briefs for them and coming up with ideas.


Generally, the more comprehensive and complete the outlines you send along, the more we can write for you and deliver back. We can also help you manage your content calendar and plan ahead. And with our Total Freedom package, we can also take on your content strategy and suggest items to write – driving all forward for you.

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