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Introducing Unlimited “Copy-as-a-Service” from HeadStart

The success of your marketing campaigns depend on compelling copy that gets noticed. Getting noticed is challenging, especially with the rise of social media channels and online news for every niche. With customers demanding to be “in the know” and easily distracted, having a consistent and effective marketing message and content marketing is now crucial for your company.

So, if writing isn’t your core function, why spend precious time generating the right content when we can help you complete all of your work within your budget?

Now you can have a dedicated writer complete all your copy: unlimited tag lines; snippets such as testimonials; product descriptions; blog posts; articles for email newsletters; case studies; bios; website copy, and much more!

HeadStart’s unlimited “Copy-as-a-Service” (CaaS) is not unlike the software you depend on every day, but instead of asking you to provide the content – we take care of it for you!

How does Copy-as-a-Service work? HeadStart offers unlimited short-form copy, under 800 words per piece for a monthly flat fee of $1,899 CAD. A Service Level Agreement is put into place to build the processes with us to streamline your content.

How do you sign up? Call us, free of charge, to discuss your priorities at 1-647-479-9783 or email Susan Varty, Managing Partner at susan.varty@headstartcopywriting.com. From there, we will collaborate with you to finalize your priorities and share ideas before we start working together under CaaS.

Here are six ways Copy-as-a-Service will push your marketing campaigns forward:

  1. Don’t waste time negotiating prices: With a pre-determined rate for copywriting, you can focus on higher priority tasks in your business. Avoid the guesswork and back and forth of negotiation: concentrate your efforts on improving your marketing copy. That’s us.
  2. Be better prepared for the long run: By subscribing to CaaS, you eliminate distractions, risks and surprise costs. Have confidence to plan your budget months in advance and the opportunity to fund new initiatives while still delivering content – if not more content than before.
  3. Launch your dream content campaign: Continually limited by resources? Not to worry. Tap into our talented pool of professional writers to deliver clear, concise and effective content every month. You will be able to launch those initiatives you have had to put aside … until now.
  4. Avoid hiring: With CaaS, there’s no need to hire additional employees. No training costs or wasted time while hiring – HeadStart’s team of professionals have the skills to get the results you are looking for in a proactive employee. We’re your dream team.
  5. Work with senior writers with experience from various industries: Writing is what we do best. Let our team do what they love and help move your business forward – even into new markets. HeadStart’s writers will make sure your writing is as professional and polished as it should be.
  6. Keep momentum and consistency: Consistency is key in growing your business. Consistency enhances your reputation, showcases your brand and maintains your message. Consistent content allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and gives your customers a predictable flow of information. With unlimited copy, you can push out as much content as you need to and on your schedule!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get more done and drive more content as part of your internal communications, public relations and marketing campaigns. We make it effortless to get the copy you need; saving you time, eliminating negotiation and surprise costs. Subscribe today and reap the benefits of unlimited Copy-as-a-Service.

photo credit: perzonseo Digital Agency Sketching Planning Business via photopin (license)

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