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Darryl Silva

Darryl Silva VP, Marketing and Product

Sue and her team at HeadStart are world class! My nimble marketing team was in desperate need of high quality and high volume copy across our marketing assets and channels and they consistently delivered to support our acquisition, cross-sell and retention efforts. A great investment and ROI to help us grow the business while managing capacity concerns and costs.

A HeadStart Client

A HeadStart Client Head of Marketing and Communications

HeadStart goes above and beyond. They are approachable, I can give my honest feedback and I see any pivots in direction and required changes immediately. I work in tech, and some of the content we require can be very dense, but the team at HeadStart has found a way to make it digestible for all audiences. I appreciate HeadStart because they take their time to ask the right questions and even help with additional research and suggestions. They feel like an extension to the team. I trust HeadStart. I know they are doing whatever they need to produce content specific to my industry and my audience. I also know I can provide them with constructive feedback when needed, which is vital to a growing relationship. Moreover, they’re always sharing ideas with me on how to utilize them even more one months where content is slow. They want me to get the most out of my package with them, and I feel that.

Matt Fish, Fortra's Terranova

Matt Fish, Fortra's Terranova Product Marketing Manager

HeadStart's subscription-style service offers greater flexibility and opportunities for productivity increases. I appreciate HeadStart because they are committed to delivering the highest-quality editorial output. The personalized service aspect is our favourite thing about HeadStart.

Sarah Koval, Algolia

Sarah Koval, Algolia Customer Marketing Manager

HeadStart Copywriting provides true care and value. Creating content is a huge part of my role, so being able to trust an agency that captures the voice of our customer perfectly is essential. They are easy to work with and understand our needs. Working with the team is our favourite thing about HeadStart. Our writer is an absolute joy.

Laura Jane Quirk, Briq

Laura Jane Quirk, Briq Manager of Brand and Content

HeadStart was different because they took a personalized approach, assigning one writer to know our brand, product, and audience in-depth and deliver spot-on content in long and short form every time. They knew our brand so well that the briefing process was a breeze. I could provide a rough outline and receive high-quality writing that achieved our objective every time. Very few edits were ever needed, allowing us to achieve our expanded content goals. We could scale up our content production with a team dedicated to Briq's success. We were able to produce more long-form content and branch out into different styles thanks to HeadStart's expertise and knowledge. Our writer was always up to the task and recreated the Briq voice and tone through multiple content styles. I would recommend any marketing team to work with HeadStart if they are looking to explore new content or ramp up their production!

Linda Schwefel, Fulcrum

Linda Schwefel, Fulcrum Content Manager

HeadStart is different because it provides writer continuity. We've worked with the same writer for years, and he's come to know our product/services, brand, and voice so well that he's like a valued member of the team. This is not the case with other writing services where you will get a new writer each time, and have to start from scratch when it comes to product knowledge -- an especially big deal when dealing with a highly technical offering. HeadStart helps us fill out our content calendar with high-quality writing. Our favourite thing about HeadStart is its writer thoughtfulness and insight. Rather than just taking a prompt and running with it, our writer will connect with us about possible content tweaks to accommodate research he's found, or new avenues for inquiry to provide more meaningful content. Our writer's suggestions are thoughtful, and often provide new approaches that we'd not contemplated.

Kelly Stewart,

Kelly Stewart, Content Marketing Manager for AR Solutions

HeadStart Copywriting is an absolutely phenomenal content company! Razor-sharp writers, clear and cordial comms, and skill in shifting between highly complex industries. Bravo HeadStart!

Amy Edel

Amy Edel Senior Content Editor and Strategist

HeadStart is well known to us as a company who delivers the highest quality, with minimal edits required on our part. With the level of research and detail we need, we rely on multiple subscriptions with HeadStart on a variety of in-depth topics.

Grace Lavery

Grace Lavery Senior Manager, Content Marketing

There's a real sense of partnership with HeadStart. I felt like from day one, we’ve been very supported. And that is true from being able to meet directly with Headstart leadership down to getting introduced to our writer and also being walked through the software. I've really felt supported by the team at Headstart. The HeadStart team asks really insightful questions, things that I would never think to ask. They really make sure that they're meeting our style and sourcing guidelines, and ensure we get a wide variety of information to back up what we're trying to say. And that makes every piece of content we create a lot stronger. We rarely have to ask for rewrites; they do a really great job of getting it right the first time. This helps a lot when we have a really tight timetable, or we need to deliver a lot of pieces at the same time. Expectations are communicated really clearly and our writer has been able to "land some really difficult airplanes" in terms of content that contains a lot of data, very specific value propositions, or challenging ways of talking about our competition. And our writer takes all of it in stride. Even when I'm a little bit nervous about sending something over, because it's a complicated topic, he nails it 100%.

Jackie Young

Jackie Young Corporate Marketing Manager

HeadStart is committed to producing quality, evergreen content that resonates with your audience. They are constantly evolving their approach as you provide feedback and direction. I appreciate HeadStart because they are proactive in their approach and provide excellent customer service. Our favourite thing about HeadStart is the depth on their team. We were constantly working with a team of people that could provide great direction, best practices and help us craft a strategy to execute against.

Elise Furon

Elise Furon Senior Marketing Manager

HeadStart is different because of their dedicated resources: between the client support lead and our writer, we get the support we need to produce high quality content within a reasonable timeline. We do not have to keep going back and forth to follow up with the timeline, or review the tone of the copy, or fix all the facts related to our products. Once the learning curve (which was pretty quick) was done between us, it’s been very smooth and, working with the same team, who keeps our feedback in mind from one project to another, is extremely helpful and efficient. As a marketer, I appreciate HeadStart because they take the time to learn about our brand, products as well as the context of each copywriting project to produce high quality content. This is difficult to find when looking for external copywriting resources. Our favourite thing about HeadStart is working with our dedicated writer. On top of her expertise, she is a quick learner and easy to work with. We’ve built a very efficient, transparent and collaborative process which is extremely helpful, especially for long-form assets.




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