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Sales and Account Management

Susan (Sue) Varty, Founder and CEO of HeadStart Copywriting, is known for her company’s human writing and editing by subscription model to create high-quality and cost-effective content with impact. Called Copy-as-a-Service, this innovative approach helps marketing leaders win and retain customers by scaling their publishing strategy.

HeadStart’s dedicated writers are experts in research, content, tone, and style. They deliver exceptional quality for many industries including professional services, software and technology platforms, financial services, banking, healthcare, energy, cybersecurity, retail, and more.

Susan founded HeadStart in 2012 and is an advocate for content marketing, process optimization, and “outside the box” business strategies.


Managing Editor Linkedin
Quality Control and Writer Support

Amanda Spencer, Managing Editor, has an in-depth, investigative approach to writing and editing. Whether helping with outlining, researching, stylistic editing, or proofreading, she supports HeadStart’s team at all stages of the writing process. She evaluates all submitted work against rigorous standards to ensure that every HeadStart piece meets the client’s expectations and is of the highest quality.  

Amanda is currently enrolled in the Editing Certificate Program at Simon Fraser University and is working toward completing the Editors Canada professional certification exams. A former lecturer at Brock University and OCAD University, Amanda has also worked in retail management, human resources, and corporate training.  


Strategy, Finance and Risk Management

Anne McKee drives business transformation through her global experiences, data-driven approach, and diverse industry knowledge. An agent of change with finance, operational, HR and project management experience, Anne is a calm and curious executive, with the skills to optimize all aspects related to running a business.

A dedicated collaborator, Anne is an advocate for setting up forward looking metrics, while maintaining a values-based and people-centric work environment. She ensures profitable growth in a manner that is sustainable, and meets people “where they are” to support them in manner that best suits them or the situation.

Coaching and mentoring individuals to work to their highest and best purpose, Anne also mitigates risk to assess, evaluate and document all aspects of the business to support organizational growth.

About Sara

Client Support Lead
Customer Service and Retention

Sara Salarvand, HeadStart’s Client Support Lead, understands how time-scarce marketers need a thoughtful, purpose-driven partnership. With significant experience supporting clients in a variety of industries, Sara helps clients achieve their business goals. Her approach treats each client as a unique business with unique needs and expectations.

Sara’s background includes finalising a British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Bachelor of Business Administration and an advanced certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership, also from BCIT.

Sara takes pride in working diligently and seeing client success because she believes this is what makes any job worthwhile.

About Christine

Senior Writer
Professional Services and Digital Media Storytelling

Christine Mitchell is a writer, academic researcher and content creator. Her diverse industry background includes finance, tax and audit clients, as well as transmedia production studios and entertainment companies like Teletoon, Nickelodeon and Dreamworks.

Her strong research background and international experience have given her a thorough understanding of the needs of a diverse slate of clients. She excels at anticipating client needs, working closely with them to craft effective marketing and communications that get to the heart of their brand.

Christine worked for five years as a translator in the finance and tax department of an international consulting firm’s Russia office. Upon her return to Canada, she earned a PhD in media and communications, lectured at McGill University, and held a postdoctoral appointment at NYU.


Senior Writer
Retail, Technology and Healthcare

An award-winning author and poet, Chris Szego has helped companies ranging in size from micro- to multinational corporations craft their content and deliver the right message for the right campaign. A natural storyteller and interviewer, Chris excels at making complex concepts accessible and approachable, grounding them in key industry insights and market research.

Chris enjoys investigating topics and industry trends, which is a tremendous asset as a writer. With a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Guelph coupled with decades of small business management and retail experience, Chris has an adaptive, creative and flexible approach to fulfilling an organization’s communication and marketing needs.

About Lawrence

Senior Writer
Public Relations, Technology and Construction

Lawrence “Law” Cummer is a writer and senior communicator with 20 years of experience writing about technology for periodicals, business and communications agencies. He is a former senior writer for the technology trade publication, Network World Canada, and editor of the Communications & Networking Journal.

In addition, Lawrence spent more than eight years as a senior consultant at one of Canada’s leading mid-sized public relations firms, providing expert counsel and managing the day-to-day PR activities of Xerox Research Centre of Canada, and multinationals Enterasys Networks, Juniper Networks, Computer Associates (CA), as well as local Canadian and niche technology clients.

Lawrence is an experienced journalist and skilled communicator who helps clients build and develop programs that resonate with media and their readers through persuasive, clear and consistent messaging and written content.

About Jesh

Senior Writer
Government, Technology and Communications Strategy

An award-winning communicator, Jesh Hanspal has written for thought leaders and federal ministers, worked with high profile authors and journalists, and directed documentary films. Skilled at making technical information accessible to a variety of target audiences, Jesh’s strong research background brings out the best of a company’s brand messaging.

Based in Montreal, Jesh is a bilingual communicator with more than 10 years of government, industry, and legal sector experience in the UK and North America. His background includes online marketing, social media strategy, web and print communication, as well as film and television work.

Jesh holds a Ph.D. in Economic Sociology from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

About Julia

Senior Writer
Healthcare, Pharmacy, and Retail

With many years of copywriting expertise to draw from, Julia Reiss thrives on creating web and print content for public and private sector companies in retail, education, and healthcare. She has overseen product launch campaigns, built course content for educational platforms, written copy for healthcare and pharmacy organizations, and created targeted seasonal messaging for retailers both large and small.

No matter the industry, Julia excels at transforming ideas into clear, engaging content through research and innovation. Her ability to adapt is showcased by producing memorable brand stories and persuasive writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in Publishing from Toronto Metropolitan University.


Senior Writer
Consumer Brands, Luxury, and Technology

Nan Pellerin brings imaginative storytelling and the ability to connect with audiences to countless industries including arts, fashion, culture, lifestyle and luxury media, technology, commercial communications, and publishing.

Nan is a writer and editor with expertise in all stages of content development, including generating ideas, structuring, rewriting, copy editing, and polishing. She has a strong grasp of structure, syntax, flow, and persuasive language. 

With degrees in English and Philosophy, Nan creates clear and compelling messaging for niche or broad audiences and offers high-touch service to clients with effective communication strategies with complex ideas or specialist knowledge. 

Nan is an Emmy, Gracie, Lovie, Lucie-award winning writer with experience across global markets, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and China.

About Justine

Senior Writer
Content Strategy, Leadership and Technology

Justine Cooke makes complex information understandable and compelling. From creating elaborate materials and research reports, to writing persuasive social media, Justine writes comfortably in many different industries including technology, healthcare and wellness, executive leadership and management.

She has explored a variety of business and leadership-related topics for large and small companies, as well as non-profit organizations with unique needs and challenges. A recovering lawyer, Justine enjoys collaborating with others, drawing on more than 15 years’ experience as a marketing and communications writer, editor, and content strategist.

Justine has a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as an LLB and a certificate in Business Communications from Royal Roads University.

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