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Enterprise Technology and Account Management

Susan Varty, Founder and CEO of HeadStart Copywriting, is known for her company’s unlimited writing and editing subscription model to create content with impact. Called Copy-as-a-Service, this innovative approach helps marketing leaders win and retain customers by scaling their publishing strategy.

Founded in 2012, HeadStart’s dedicated writers are experts in research, content, tone, and style. They deliver quality for many industries including, professional services, software and technology platforms, payments, cybersecurity, healthcare, banking, retail, and financial services.

An entrepreneur with a technical background, Susan is an advocate for content marketing, process optimization, and “outside the box” business strategies.


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Retail, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Blockchain and Energy

Amanda Spencer understands how data and different perspectives can uncover new opportunities critical to today’s decision makers. She brings an in-depth, investigative approach to all of her client work, uniting her experiences from the corporate world and her academic career. This combination provides clients with top-notch industry and market research, as well as thorough, quality articles and whitepapers.

A former lecturer at Brock University and OCAD University, Amanda has also worked in retail management, human resources, and corporate training. She has seen first-hand how a team – and companies as a whole – can be energized and transformed by effective communication.


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Technology and Corporate Storytelling

Stephen Kotowych is an award-winning writer, podcaster, and editor with more than 15 years of experience in fiction and narrative non-fiction. He combines his deep knowledge of product development, technology and science, with a passion for publishing.

Stephen’s strength is storytelling and he brings this perspective to every corporate assignment.

With a Masters in the history of science and technology from the University of Toronto, Stephen has also taught publishing at the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.


Strategy, Finance and Risk Management

Anne McKee drives business transformation through her global experiences, data-driven approach, and diverse industry knowledge. An agent of change with finance, operational, HR and project management experience, Anne is a calm and curious executive, with the skills to optimize all aspects related to running a business.

A dedicated collaborator, Anne is an advocate for setting up forward looking metrics, while maintaining a values-based and people-centric work environment. She ensures profitable growth in a manner that is sustainable, and meets people “where they are” to support them in manner that best suits them or the situation.

Coaching and mentoring individuals to work to their highest and best purpose, Anne also mitigates risk to assess, evaluate, and document all aspects of the business to support organizational growth.


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Technology, Video and Digital Media

Having worked as an intelligence analyst, university lecturer, content strategist and creative director, David Guimond’s diverse industry background includes writing for video content marketing, advertising, small business audiences, the public sector, and online media publishing.

A digital storyteller specializing in short-form video narrative, including micro-copy and scriptwriting, David also brings a wealth of expertise in social media and platform technologies, specifically, YouTube.

David’s research, rigour and creativity come with his gift for writing and graduate degrees in the social sciences, communications and creative fiction. From philosophy to pop culture, his broad, big-picture thinking allows him to connect the dots in his writing, and apply it to business technology.

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