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HeadStart doesn’t use Generative AI but we use automation tools to help with the writing process, such as transcription. We have editing packages to help marketers using Generative AI. Please check out our services for pricing and to learn what’s included.

How fast we write depends on the clarity of the instructions (brief) and complexity of the piece. We have standard turnaround times for pieces under 1200 words and revisions take around 24 hours. We work with you to plan ahead and to ensure we meet your goals. You may be interested in multiple subscriptions if you would like content to be written simultaneously, which will result in a higher volume of pieces per month. 

Yes, we have been in business since 2012 and it is very likely we have experience in your industry plus samples. Please contact us to see our sample library. Our subscription model means we learn your audiences and industry better over time. We deliver quality very quickly even if we are not as familiar with your industry because of our focus on long-term partnership and onboarding strategies.

We are happy to incorporate the keywords you would like and run them through SEO tools to check readability and other factors that contribute to a good SEO score.

With both Freedom and Freedom Plus, we can help you plan ahead and can recommend title ideas to you to help you get started. We have a two-month onboarding process that helps us learn about your tone, style and audience preferences. Freedom Plus allows unlimited outlining (briefing) calls that may be helpful if you would like us to create net new content based on your vision or subject matter experts. This reduces your time writing briefs.

An outlining call between a writer and a marketer (or subject matter expert) is a call to discuss the content for a specific piece when they know what they want us to write. Think of it as a “brief by phone” instead of writing it out yourself.  

An interview call (brainstorming session) is usually with a subject matter expert that results in a working title and ideas for the content they would like us to write about. In both cases, the writer produces the outline for approval. 

If you aren’t sure about how much information to provide in a brief, that’s okay, we walk you through the process and work together to get the information we need. We also have a private forms portal called Nectar that you can use as well.

Please refer to our services page with a list of features and benefits to compare. Freedom offers unlimited writing, 3 interviews, plus content planning per month. Freedom Plus offers unlimited outlining calls in addition to unlimited writing to help you get instructions to us faster and easier.

The Freedom Strategy package is ideal for clients who need title ideas, as well as assistance with their content strategy development. For more information, visit our Services Page.

Freedom Hours is the package for those who need general writing support. We offer a bank of 5 hours at a time for $875 USD.

We need three full business days to work on each piece so it is a four (4) day turnaround time. For example, if we get a request on Monday, we will schedule it for delivery on Friday (after three full business days). We often deliver pieces sooner, depending on the type of content required, and get faster over time.


We work on pieces one after another like a "to do list" to ensure consistency with a writer who is dedicated to your account. If you send us more than one request per day, we ask for your priorities and stagger the start dates by two business days. Please contact us for more information about how we schedule items.

Yes, please contact us and we will send you specific samples related to your industry.

Yes, it is an unlimited plan, so revisions and copy editing is included. You work with your writer directly on revisions and timing may vary, depending on the revisions required.

Long-form writing and editing is included with all packages. We assign custom delivery dates based on the scope of the work involved.

Yes! You can send a list of keywords when you send us a request and we will incorporate them.

Yes, for shorter pieces such as social media, press releases, selected revisions, and copy editing. Rush work is delivered back within 24 hours and clients can request two (2) pieces per month for rush service included in their package. This service is available Monday to Thursday only (not Friday).

We can get on an outlining call to help you write them. We also provide an online portal, called Nectar, to help you send us the instructions we need. Please visit our services page for package information or contact us about our packages.

Avoiding 3rd party apps, such as Google Docs, helps us with tracking changes, version control, eliminating workflow bottlenecks, and maintaining security.
In MSWord, we can preserve the content, comments and changes and they are compatible with Google Docs. You can still use it if you like as part of your process, just download and send us the file when you are ready for us to edit/write.

By avoiding logging into to other company sites, we can also keep reference material on file for easy and fast reference for all writers, plus our Managing Editor for quality control.

Also, working with MSWord doc files ensures that you can retrieve your library of content at any time for your own peace of mind and business continuity.

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