Frequently Asked Questions

The name for unlimited writing and editing by HeadStart Copywriting.

Yes, for written pieces in English, each under 800 words. If you order more than one piece per day, we will call you to arrange a delivery date.

Unlimited writing and editing is available for $1,899 US per month for up to two users when you sign on for 3, 6 or 12 months. If you want to do a paid trial for one month or engage with us on a month-to-month basis, the investment is $2,200 per month.


If you have team members based in Canada, you qualify for Canadian dollar invoicing.


A Tone of Voice session is complimentary if you engage with us for a minimum of six (6) months.


For those who sign up for an annual plan, one month is free per year.


For more information, please visit our services page.

We wanted to create a seamless, time-saving and cost-effective process to produce great content and reduce the tasks associated with completing written work. We also wanted to help teams plan their budgets with transparent pricing and take the guess work out of working project by project.


We have noticed that our clients succeed when they work together with us over longer periods of time. We are able to streamline processes, build consistency, and learn more about our clients' industries and target audiences. This saves time and effort, delivering written content faster. It also improves quality overall because we work closely with you to provide options plus revisions are included.


You can publish more content, do more A/B testing, promote consistency and avoid administrative tasks associated with hiring various external contractors. You can focus on other tasks to be more productive at work while using our streamlined process.


Our clients have saved thousands of dollars on their yearly budget spend on writing and related creative services. Copy-as-a-Service will save you money and may allow you to allocate the rest of your budget to different projects.

Our standard turnaround time is three business days after the date assigned, or three business days after an interview with a subject matter expert. We often deliver drafts sooner, depending on the type of content required.

Yes, it is an unlimited plan, so revisions and copy editing is included.

In addition to unlimited writing and editing, our clients enjoy the following benefits when partnering with us:


  • A tone of voice session with a 6-month commitment
  • One complimentary month with a 11-month commitment (per year)
  • Ongoing, weekly email updates that let you know what we are working on for you
  • Ongoing, content ideas for what we call your "content bank". These are topics or content ideas we create and then write for you.
  • Complimentary tickets to HeadStart's VIP annual event
You know your industry and audience best. Our writers work in many different industries and are top-notch researchers and subject-matter experts themselves because they work side by side with our clients.
In our experience, tone of voice, style, quality and consistency for your audience becomes the priority when you hire a writing service. This is why we work closely with clients on an ongoing basis - monthly or yearly - to deliver the right tone, style, quality and consistency for your audience.

Our core team members are located in Ontario and Quebec and we have an extended network of writers in Canada who work with us on a regular basis.

Yes, please contact us to review our samples.

In general, we require a short, email brief with very basic information. We keep it simple and work with our clients to ensure we get the information we need to write effectively.

Yes, we include a phone interview with one subject matter expert per piece, and can attend meetings virtually when availability permits.

At this time, we do not log into clients' applications, workflow apps, or third-party tools such as Google Docs. This ensures we maintain a streamlined process and version control - plus the ability to increase content production quickly for our clients.

Two client "users" are assigned to work with us. For example, a Marketing Manager and Marketing Specialist who work on the same team with the same audience can send us requests for written pieces. More users and/or more audiences/brands can be added for additional fees. HeadStart has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) similar to contracts used in the software industry.

We do not provide transcripts but would be pleased to write a piece based on the transcripts you send along to us. We would also require an outline or brief if the video is over 15 minutes long.

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