Convert Visitors into Buyers with these Calls To Action

by Owen Martel, Social Media Coordinator

Nothing depletes your marketing team’s energy and motivation more than seeing your advertising campaign grasp your target market’s attention, but not result in a purchase. Much like missing a game-winning free-throw, you’re given the ultimate opportunity to win but can’t convert. Not only is the inability to convert a loss of sales, it’s a loss of time, energy and money. The fewer customers you convert, the higher the acquisition cost per customer.

How do you go beyond grasping your consumer’s attention and prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale? Through Calls to Action (CTA). CTAs are statements designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing your content. Here are some Call to Action formulas that make people want to convert:

1. Get Started Now
This formula is one of the simplest yet most impactful CTA methods. Whether you are seeking for a visitor to begin a signup process, a download, or something similar, a “Get Started Now” button persuades visitors to take action. Remember to include a blurb beside your CTA to set the context so your visitors know what they’re “Getting Started”.

2. Start Your Free Trial Now
A great option for companies that provide free trials of their services, this CTA puts emphasis on the word “now” – appeasing a visitor’s desire for instant gratification.

3. Send Me The (Product/Service) Right Now
First-person CTAs that use words like “me”, “my”, and “I” are more persuasive because they give your visitors a sense of connection to your concept. The words “right now” also appease a visitor’s desire for instant gratification.

4. Get Your (Product/Service) Today Only
This CTA is persuasive because the “Today Only” phrase instills FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into your visitors’ mind. At its core, FOMO targets your consumers’ core need to be accepted by their peers. Also, the use of the first-person word “your” gives visitors a sense of connection to your concept.

5. Try It Free For (Time)
The word “try” is forgiving as it implies very little risk to your visitors. Due to this reason, it can be highly effective for downloadable content or apps.

Effective Calls to Action are short and direct. They should be clear and precise so your target audience understands what you’re offering as quickly as possible. Your website should only include one or two calls to action. If unsure which CTA is best for your company, test them out one at a time. Regardless of which CTA you choose, they will produce a positive impact on your content’s conversion rates.

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photo credit: Japheth Mast on Unsplash

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