The Great Social Media Unicorn Post

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner

Some things are hard to find. That’s why they’re called unicorns.

So, here are the six elements of a great social media “unicorn” post:

  1. A personal, “direct-to-the-reader”, relaxed tone that demonstrates passion about the topic even if it is posted as a corporation.
  2. One or two (no more!) hashtags to help people find the content but not overwhelm the reader.
  3. Proper grammar and punctuation to build trust and make a good first impression – important on dating profiles too!
  4. An image, preferably a closeup of someone’s face or multiple faces.
  5. Mentioning someone else’s full name. People like their names in lights and are more likely to share.
  6. A link or clear message about what the reader should do next. Not necessarily a “call to action” but it should be focused on any “next steps”. People often follow the instructions when you tell them exactly what to do next.

Did you find one yourself? Send it to me if you did. We have one winner so far for 2018: Blenda Runebjork of KPMG. Who will challenge her? There is a plush unicorn delivered to your door if you do…

P.S. Did this post make you a little crazy because you have the perfect social media unicorn formula? Contact me and tell me about it.

photo credit: rawpixel.

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