Editing a Blog? A Short Checklist

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner

Whether it’s your own post, or blogs are sent to you for posting, use this checklist.

Feel free to share and customize!

(Part of a content team or process? Send it to others so they can go through the list before it gets sent to you for final editing/posting.)

  1. The blog/article is written in first person for a personable and active tone that makes it more relatable. For example, I think vs. it is thought.
  2. The title hooks the reader into wanting to learn more.
  3. The post has a logical content flow and, overall, it is a well-organized and engaging piece.
  4. Sentences are not too long or “wordy”.
  5. Only one idea is expressed in each sentence.
  6. Industry terms, jargon and acronyms are kept to a minimum.
  7. Explanations are clear and easy to understand.
  8. There is a concluding statement with the author’s insight or opinion.
  9. At the end, there is a next step or action presented to the reader.

What else should we add? Contact us and let us know.

photo credit: wuestenigel Checklist on a chalkboard via photopin (license)

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