6 Tips for Leading Remotely

by Susan Varty, Managing Partner


HeadStart Copywriting is a remote/virtual company by design so I thought I would share some of my own tips and insights during this time when many companies are implementing their work-from-home strategies (and business continuity plans).

  1. Avoid the temptation to add more software tools. No matter how easy and intuitive, adding a new software tool can add a learning curve that your team doesn’t need right now. Many of your existing tools have features that you may not be using. So start by diving into your current tools to see what additional functionality is available. This may also save your business or department money to put more towards rewarding your people for going the extra mile.

  2. Build in one-to-one time. Team meetings are the norm and conference calling and video is easily available – but nothing can replace a focused call with the individuals on your team – one at a time. A call just to say hello can go a long way to make everyone feel valued and heard.

  3. Tweak your processes so that your team’s remote working life becomes easier (but without a new software tool). What kinds of improvements can you do behind the scenes to make their work day more enjoyable or easier?

  4. Limit constant online chatter/chats or set scheduled times where everyone will check the feed. Give people time to do focused work.

  5. Encourage people to support each other. What skills can be called upon to support other team members? Can someone focus on one thing for a little while? Do you have other people you can call quickly if circumstances change for one key team member?

  6. If not already part of daily working life, don’t make people go on video. Let them opt-in. Everyone has their own situation and comfort level. Can you record a meeting or video so people can listen in or watch it when it works for them? This is easier for people in different time zones.

Bonus tip from Tawnya Z: Embrace technology. Just this afternoon, I’ve had excellent quick chats via Microsoft Teams and solved a lot of stuff quickly. Also, contact. I’ll likely continue the “stand ups” I have with my team online. We’ll just create a group chat for them.

photo credit: sniggie Vegetative relaxation via photopin (license)

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