Interview with NeuronicWorks: A HeadStart Case Study

By Susan Varty, Founder and CEO


Maria Moreno is a marketing strategist at NeuronicWorks. We asked her about her experience working with HeadStart Copywriting.

Before engaging with HeadStart, what did you want to improve overall as a company?

Before engaging with HeadStart, we worked for six months trying to create our own content. We wanted to share insights, industry and company news, and other updates on a regular basis. I, as the Marketing Strategist, was working to refine the content, come up with a calendar, and make sure we had enough resources from our engineers and designers to develop the content and deliver insights in each blog. We knew content was an important piece of our marketing strategy and that we needed to deliver on a regular basis, but we had limited resources to do so and struggled to get our program off the ground. We wanted a high-quality, consistent content strategy and putting that in place wasn’t easy to do until we engaged HeadStart.

How did HeadStart help you get started?

It was important to us that HeadStart was willing to understand our company so that they understood our culture, our values, our services, and our audience. For us, that was an important steppingstone that set up everything that came after. Once we were aligned this way we knew how to work together and what the expectations were from both sides. That made it easy to commit to a content strategy and consistent schedule every month. With HeadStart’s help, from the very start we were able to fulfill our goals with each piece of content we created and saw how the process was more efficient than how we were working before.

What types of content did you publish and why?

From the beginning we knew we needed to strike a balance between high-level technical content for engineers and designers, and content aimed at the less technically oriented decision makers within companies. We’ve put together a mix of both types of content by dividing into four themes : Industry Insider, which is insights about the industry, like the technology landscape and engineering design industry; Know How, in which we provide insights and best practices about product design, firmware, hardware, and the different capabilities that we have in-house; Our Story, which is news about NeuronicWorks and profiles of our employees; and Ask The Expert, where we have experts discuss specific topics of interest to our readers. Within these segments we’ve been able to find that balance between technical and non-technical content to appeal to a variety of audiences while offering something unique and different from the content that is already out there.

What types of content got the most traction or reaction?

Our technical content is certainly getting a lot of traction. With HeadStart’s help we created a piece about communication protocols that got a lot of notice on LinkedIn and on our website. We had a lot of page views for that piece, and we were ranking organically on the second page of Google.

A piece that HeadStart wrote for us on what’s next for the microelectronics industry after COVID-19 was so well received it was later reprinted in an industry magazine. People want to understand what’s going on in the market and what the trends are particularly in these uncertain times. They want to know how to be prepared and be the most effective for what’s coming next, and that piece really spoke to those concerns.

Content that talks about our people and our team also gets lots of attention. Potential employees and customers want to know more about our work environment and our culture. They want to understand the type of team we have, their skills and expertise, and how they feel about working with NeuronicWorks.

How have your analytics been impacted?

Since rolling out our content strategy with HeadStart’s help we have seen people are spending more time on average on our blog page and articles. Before working with HeadStart our blog wasn’t ranking among the most viewed pages on our website and now it does. People see the different kinds of content that we have now and move from page to page on our site as a result.

We’ve also seen increased engagement and an increased number of followers on LinkedIn thanks to this content. Because we are now able to do regular posts, we are gaining more LinkedIn followers and connections each day, which was something that wasn’t happening before. People are interested in what we have to say, and our outreach is growing organically. Our content is getting noticed.

How has the writing service transformed your marketing approach?

We have more time in-house that we can dedicate to other tasks, because we know that HeadStart will deliver the type of content that we are expecting. We also have more time to plan content for upcoming months because we’re not always bogged down doing the writing and editing ourselves. Having a committed and consistent schedule is when you see results from a content strategy. Working with HeadStart lets us release more content that is compelling and in less time.

What would you tell other marketers about HeadStart?

HeadStart has been a great partner for NeuronicWorks. Thanks to their team we were able to successfully get our content marketing strategy off the ground and see positive results from the very beginning, which was crucial. HeadStart is a committed team and they make sure they deliver on what they promise. They always respect their turnaround times but are flexible enough to adapt to changes or special requests.

photo credit: Al Case King ov Hell via photopin (license)

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