Is hiring the answer for a busy marketing team?

by Susan Varty, CEO

Hiring seems like the easiest path, the most cost effective too, especially when you are a busy marketing team in the thick of planning, meeting demands internally, and always being asked to do more with less.

But the decision to hire is more to do with the pressure to deliver and have someone internal, rather than being strategic about the business itself. Hiring Managers usually think twice before hiring because it is a legal commitment to someone who may not be successful.

We are your advocate for all the unspoken reasons why marketers have a subscription with HeadStart Copywriting for all their writing needs.

Feel free to copy and paste these bullets for your own business case:

  • New hires can lose the “outsider” perspective that helps your company relate to its audience.
    As separate company, we have captured knowledge about your products, services, audience and subject matter experts. We see what your audience sees with fresh eyes, keeping content relevant for new readers and visitors.

  • If the hire does not produce volume and quality of work, they cannot be replaced easily. This makes more work for others.
    HeadStart can switch writers for you, the next day, if needed.

  • Without a support system in place to book meetings and interviews, and to review/create outlines, the output will be lower, slower.
    HeadStart spends time booking calls, interviewing, clarifying and outlining before writing. Our team approach is designed to deliver quality, no matter how small the task or process.

  • The new hire is learning and building product/team knowledge over the first few months so any current work needed asap will be delayed.
    We can help your new hire get up to speed. Keeping your subscription allows your new hire to focus on key pieces. This helps to avoid employee burnout and your new hire feels supported.

  • Your new hire may leave after a few months for higher pay, or a less demanding opportunity.
    HeadStart has a team of writers and a Managing Editor to assist, prevent burnout, and deliver drafts, no matter what.

  • There are payroll taxes and other company costs and infrastructure needed to retain hires.
    US-based clients have no taxes applied when they use HeadStart and Canadian companies pay GST or HST.

We know it sometimes makes sense to hire. However, don’t ignore the many hidden benefits a subscription brings for marketers.
Contact us or email me at (dot co) and let’s talk about what you need.

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