Introducing Outlining

by Susan Varty, Founder and CEO


What is outlining?

Available to all of HeadStart’s clients, it is a service we provide to our time-crunched, wonderfully capable marketing partners.

We have listened – and you have shared that getting the information we need into Nectar has been a bit of a bottleneck. We created this service to allow you to work with a HeadStart team member to create outlines on a call.

How does it work?

We schedule an outlining call when you have an idea about a piece of writing you would like, a working title, the main concept of what you want to say, and a potential call-to-action.

Our skilled outliner will lead the call to take down your thoughts and develop the outline for you. Once you approve, it goes straight to your dedicated writer. You may also get more than one outline completed in one call!

What is the difference between an interview call and an outlining session?

  • An interview call is held when a company representative or external Subject Matter Expert is needed to discuss their professional insights, technical expertise or service/product experiences, such as a case study. They speak directly with the writer assigned to your account. A list of questions has already been sent to us prior to an interview call and please read this post for more information about interviews.
  • An outlining session is a collaborative conversation (generally with you only), to draft ideas into an organized list of information you want us to write about. This saves you time and supports you so you don’t have to “write a brief”. A working title is all that is required prior to an outlining session. Please read this post to review the outline structure we work towards.

How much does it cost?

Two (2) outlining sessions a month are included in everyone’s current plan, also known as the Freedom package. And you can have as many outlining sessions a month that you need with our “Freedom Plus” and “Total Freedom” packages.

If you would like to review all the benefits and perks we have listed in our packages, please email

We are excited to provide this new level of support; we hope your able to take full advantage of outlining and move your content strategy forward in an effective and efficient way!

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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